Frequently Asked Questions About Water Heaters

During your- In-Home Inspection, We’ll assess which water heater system best fits your family’s needs. Then, you choose a conventional storage tank or a tankless water heater. We safety install your water heater ensuring all are up to plumbing code.

How do I if I need a new water heater?

There are several signs that may indicate your water heater might be failing : water buildup in or around your water heater, water-quality issues, or the unit no longer provides the same temperature or duration of hot water as it in had in the past. A  in-home inspection can be determine whether you need to install a new water heater.

How long can I expect my water heater to last?

Best Quality Plumbing Inc install and carry water heater heaters and -depending on gallons your house demands ,all our water heaters come with warranty with us.

Can I install a water heater myself?

It is recommended that you use a licensed, professional installer as the installation of a water heater could cause catastrophic damage and / or injury if the unit is not installed property. Be sure use a trained professional by scheduling  a in-home consultation.

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Water Heaters

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